Hirotumi Nomoto, Chairman of the Japan Retailers Association

Japan Retailers Association (JRA) was founded in May 1978, promoted by the Japan Department Stores Association, Japan Chain Stores Association and other organizations involved in retail, centered on the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and with the objective of healthy development of the retail industry in Japan and to contribute to the lives of the nation’s people.

Today, the industry structure in Japan is facing a significant turning point, and the social role and mission of the distribution industry are becoming increasingly important. Above all, expectations for the retail industry are growing higher than ever. It is hoped that the retail industry would be a driving force in building a rich consumer lifestyle for tomorrow and also be a medium for revitalizing industry, creating new jobs and providing opportunities for communication among communities.

In light of this environment, the JRA aims to develop activities that contribute to the promotion and development of technologies that cover the entire distribution and retail industry, exceeding bounds of business condition, category or size, from the standpoint of ordinary citizens. We hope to continue to receive your kind understanding and support.

Hirofumi Nomoto, Chairman of Japan Retailers Association

JRA carries out activities together with numerous organizations

  • Japan Department Stores Association
  • Japan Chain Stores Association
  • National Supermarket Association
  • New Supermarket Association of Japan
  • Japan Specialty Store Association
  • Japan Foodservice Association
  • Japan Franchise Association
  • Japan Voluntary Chain Association
  • Japan Council of Shopping Centers
  • Japan Supermarket Association
  • Japan Direct Marketing Association
  • Japan Consumers’ Co-operative Union
  • Federation of Specialty Store Association in Japan
  • Japan Processed Foods Wholesalers Association
  • The Japan/Tokyo Association of Retail Sales and Management Specialists
  • Japan Fashion Association
  • The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Japanese major cities