Japan Retailers Association carries out various activities including exchanges, study tours, proposals of recommendations to the Japanese goverment and activities to provide information both in Japan and overseas.

Ikuo Hirayama

At the 13th Asia Pacific Retailers Convention and Exhibition (APRCE) Tokyo Convention
Painter Ikuo Hirayama delivering keynote speech

Main Business Activities

1978 Founded on May 15, first chairman was Shigeo Nagano
– Founded the JRA newspaper, Nihon Kourigyo Shimbun (Japan Retail Newspaper)
– Began a campaign to oppose the establishment of a new general consumption tax
1982 – Large-scale indirect tax protest – Submitted a request to promote administrative and fiscal reform
1986 Large-scale indirect tax protest by 11 organizations
– Formed the Central Liaison Conference
1987 – Promoted a sales tax opposition movement and acted in unison with tax system related national movements concerning issues with the taxation system
– 1st Quality Control Program Case Study Presentation for the retail industry (until ’88)
1988 – Founded JRA bulletin, RETAIL SHOP
1989 – Began the Overseas Commercial Facility Study Tour (1st Lotte World)
1990 Began one-region commercial revitalization program (Forum Caravan Seminar)
1991 – Held Distribution Exchange Forum
*Held annually thereafter
1994 Started the USA Latest Retail Business Conditions Study Tour
*Held annually thereafter
1996 Held the International Distribution Seminar Started the USA Latest Logistics Information System Study Tour (Held annually thereafter)
1998 20th Anniversary Conference
2000 Started the Europe Current Logistics and Distribution System Study Tour (Held annually thereafter)
2004 China Current Logistics Conditions Study Tour and exchange with China General Chamber of Commerce
2005 1st USA/Japan Retailing IT Leadership Forum
2007 Participated in resolution and assembly to oppose extending coverage of employee pension, etc. to part time workers
13th Asia Pacific Retailers Convention and Exhibition (APRCE) Tokyo Convention
2008 1st Vietnam Distribution Condition Study Tour
30th Anniversary of Association’s founding(Tokyo Conference, Osaka Conference)
2009 1st Distribution Service Productivity Study Group
2010 New Forum for International Retail Association Executives (FIRAE) was founded with 25 member organizations including JRA
2011 March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
2012 Global retail & IT leadership forum 2012 (Held every other year thereafter)
Started ASEAN Emerging Country Study Group
2013 1st Russia , Indonesia , Myanmar-Vietnam Distribution Condition Study Tour
2018 40th Anniversary of Association’s founding Special lecture meeting and Party
2021 1st Forum on New Lifestyles for Consumers

Participation in International Activities

1980 – Hosted the 7th World Retailers Conference (Tokyo)
– 70th NRMA Annual General Meeting
– Dispatched USA distribution system study group
– Comprehensive alliance with the National Retail Federation (NRF)
1983 Hosted 1st Asian Retailers Convention & Exhibition (ARCE) in Tokyo 11 countries, 660 ppl.
1985 Attended 2nd ARCE (Seoul) 11 countries, 521 ppl.
1987 Attended 3rd ARCE (Hong Kong) 11 countries, 577 ppl.
1988 Attended 11th World Retailers Conference
1989 Attended 4th ARCE (Singapore) 11 countries, 1180 ppl.
1991 Attended 5th ARCE (Bangkok) 11 countries, 1281 ppl.
1993 Attended 6th ARCE (Manila) 12 countries, 1300 ppl.
1995 Attended 7th ARCE (Kuala Lumpur) 12 countries, 1757 ppl.
1997 Attended 8th ARCE (Adelaide) 14 countries, 1322 ppl.
1998 – National Retail Federation (NRF) Annual Convention & Expo (Participated every year following)
1999 Attended 9th ARCE (Taipei) 14 countries, 1600 ppl.
2001 Attended 10th ARCE (Jakarta) 14 countries, 1115 ppl.
Held Exchange Conference with the China General Chamber of Commerce
2003 Attended 11th ARCE (Christchurch) 14 countries, 1390 ppl.
2005 Attended 12th ARCE (Beijing) 17 countries, 3000 ppl.
2007 Hosted the 13th Asia Pacific Retailers Convention and Exhibition (APRCE) Tokyo Convention
17 countries, 3156 ppl.
*1856 participants from Japan
2009 Attended 14th APRCE (Seoul) 24 countries, 3403 ppl.
*511 participants from Japan
2011 Attended 15th APRCE (Singapore) 18 countries, 1900 ppl.
*623 participants from Japan
2013 Attended 16th APRCE (Istanbul) 37 countries, 2164 ppl.
*626 participants from Japan
2015 Attend the 17th APRCE (Manila) 13 countries, 1800 ppl.
*501 participants from Japan
2017 Attended 18th APRCE (Kuala Lumpur) 22 countries, 2000 ppl.
*450 participants from Japan
2019 Attended 19th APRCE (Chongqing) 20 countries, 3900 ppl.
*480 participants from Japan
2022 Attended 20th APRCE (Jakarta) over 20 countries, 1100 ppl.
*300 participants from Japan (monstly on-line)