Past Chairmen of the Japan Retailers Association Organization

(Titles while acting as chairman)


As of April 1, 2023


Hirofumi Nomoto Chairman of the Board and Representative Director, Tokyu Corporation

Vice Chairmen

Mitsuki Awano Chairman, Japan Direct Marketing Association
Ryuichi Isaka CEO, Seven & i Holdings Co.,Ltd.
Yukio Izumida Chairman, Japan Voluntary Chain Association
Kenji Onishi Chairman, the Federation of Specialty Store Association in Japan
Yukio Kawano Chairman, the Japan Supermarket Association
Masaki Kondo Chairman, the Japan Foodservice Association
Tomihiro Saegusa Chairman, Japan Chain Stores Association
Satoshi Seino Chairman, the Japan Council of Shopping Centers
Kichitaro Takano Chairman, the Japan Specialty Store Association
Tokutaro Masui Vice Chairman, the National Supermarket Association of Japan
Takeshi Masumoto Chairman, the Japan Franchise Association
Yoshio Murata Chairman, the Japan Department Stores Association


Hiroshi Oshima President, Sembikiya Fruit Co.,Ltd.
Kanbei Kokubu Chairman, President & Representative Director, Kokubu Co.,Ltd.
Makoto Hosoda President, Eitaro Sohonpo Co.,Ltd.

Executive director

Takeshi Akagi Japan Retailers Association

Activities of committees and study group

The JRA is engaged in activities through 6 committees and2study groups.
The Consumer Committee studies consumer trends and compiles reports on topics such as management strategies for retail industries focusing on the long term. The Ethics & Education Committee studies business continuity plans (BCPs), CSR and other elements of corporate ethics required of retailers and prepares reports.
In addition, the JRA also prepares recommendations and requests related to distribution and the retail industry on improvements for the taxation, employment and distribution system to the government and administrative bodies and sees that they are reflected in policies concerning distribution and retailing.