Activities of committees and study groups

1. International activities

Conduct international networking activities through cooperation and collaborations with the Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Associations (FAPRA), Forum for International Retail Association Executives (FIRAE) and others.

(1) Participate in Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Associations (FAPRA) activities

(2) Promote exchange with retailers associations in other countries

  • Exchanges with retail related organizations in other countries
  • Participation and exchange activities with Federation of International Retail Association(FIRA) and other international organizations such as NRF.

(3) Hold Study tours overseas

(4) Receive overseas visitors for tours of Japanese facilities

(5) Exchanges with commercial department of foreign embassies in Japan

2. Studies, surveys and recommendations
(committee and study group activities)

Knowledge and information on all business categories is brought together and groups actively carry out studies and surveys and create recommendations for solutions and measures to respond to common issues being faced.

(1) Committees

  • Corporate Management Committee
  • Tax Committees
  • Ethics & Education Committee
  • Consumer Committee
  • General Affairs Committee
  • International Committee

(2) Study Group

(3) In addition to the above, also respond to various issues such as the part-time worker problem, the Law for Promotion of Sorted Collection and Recycling of Containers and Packaging and shoplifting prevention measures.

3. Management support activities

Provide the latest know-how and domestic and international information to assist in corporate management and hold multi-faceted lectures, seminars and tours at home and abroad to link the above know-how and information to development of the next generation of human resources.

(1) Hold seminars and lectures

(2) Hold Study tours of commercial and logistics facilities in Japan.

4. Activities to provide information

Use PR tools to provide members with information and provide information to the general public.

5. Exchange activities

At opinion exchange meetings and gatherings, take maximum advantage of the characteristics of the JRA as a point of intersection between people and information that is made up of a broad range of fields, and provide opportunities for exchange and encounters.

6. Activities to strengthen the organizational foundation